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Hi, we are Van Storm!

We help companies in the maritime industry with their recruitment needs, and engineers from all over the world with finding their dream job in the Netherlands.

Your career in the Dutch maritime industry

With a clear focus on the Dutch yacht- and shipbuilding, offshore and maritime sectors, we are specialists in the recruitment, contracting, and relocation of engineers from all over the world.

    Yacht Building

    The Netherlands definitely deserves to be ranked among the top yacht builders in the world, with its clear focus on sailing, motor, and custom-built mega yachts up to 127m in length.
    Their undeniable qualities are state-of-the-art design, superb technical quality, and a long maritime history combined with innovation and the development of sustainable solutions.
    That’s why, every year, hundreds of international clients choose Dutch shipyards to help them build their dream yachts.


    The Dutch shipbuilding industry is particularly strong in developing, creating, and servicing a variety of specialty vessels for dredging, offshore work, or for instance defense purposes, but also delivers a vast variety of inland, passenger, or transportation ships in a highly efficient way.
    Clustered in our small country the yards, equipment providers, and engineering offices drive innovation and the development of new concepts and solutions.


    From floating energy solution providers to offshore installation contractors, the Netherlands has a high-density and broad range of offshore-related companies.
    The Dutch offshore industry builds on a lasting history of record-breaking achievements in lifting and installing, as well as decommissioning and operating in the harshest conditions, and is at the forefront of the development of specialized equipment, products, and sustainable solutions.

    Seven steps towards your dream job with us!

    You are in good hands. We support and guide you throughout the entire recruitment process, from the moment of applying until you sign the contract.

    Want to know more?

    In the following section, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions by our candidates. Can’t find what you were looking for? Don't hesitate to contact us directly.

    Once you apply to us, one of our colleagues will contact you within one to three working days.
    After approval, we will introduce your profile to our clients and organize an interview at short notice.
    Depending on the situation, there might be up to three interviews – including one here, in the Netherlands.
    Once you receive and accept an offer, we will start the relocation and registration process (if necessary).

    We offer a fully supported relocation and registration process to all of our candidates. including arranging all the paperwork: applying for a Social Security number, visas, work and residence permits, as well the 30% ruling tax benefit.
    On top of that, we help you with finding suitable accommodation, arranging health insurance, and even getting your first bike, so you can start your new Dutch life in a stress-free way.

    Our service is free of charge for candidates.
    You can repay us with a smile!

    We focus on positions such as engineers, designers, project managers, technical supervisors, project engineers, team leaders, project planners, cost engineers, and more.
    You can choose from a wide range of jobs and vacancies within the yacht building, shipbuilding, offshore, and energy sectors.

    For most of the vacancies we have, Dutch is not required. However, fluency in English is a must-have.
    We support you with a basic language course so that you can have a small “coffee talk” with your Dutch co-workers.

    You definitely can.
    During the intake call, we will explain to you which vacancies match your experience and career wishes in the best way.

    Good to see you here!

    Important: Beware of Scams!
    (Last Updated: October 2023)

    It has come to our attention that scammers offer fake job opportunities through WhatsApp (mainly from non-Dutch numbers) using our name and logo.
    If this happens, please check if this person works in Van Storm. If not, contact us and make sure you report that number in the WhatsApp settings. By taking these steps, you help protect others and block potential scammers.

    Thank you!

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