Test & Integration Engineer

Job summary:

Tasks: development and execution of inspection plans, production tests, and trials for new build naval vessels

Projects: complex naval vessels, including testing and integration of various systems

Companynaval shipbuilder, part of global shipbuilding group

Main requirements: experience in project management, manufacturing, and commissioning of complex naval ships

Your opportunity

As a Test & Integration Engineer, you will play a key role in the production and integration of new build naval vessels. You will join the Test & Integration team within an assigned project and report to the Integration & Test manager. Your responsibilities will include developing and executing inspection plans, conducting production tests and trials, and providing essential engineering reviews and project support. This position offers the chance to work on groundbreaking naval projects and ensure that all systems are integrated seamlessly.

What you will do

  • Develop and implement the Test & Integration program in line with project design, timelines, and targets
  • Prepare and execute project inspection plans, ensuring follow-up on any deviations from the master project plan
  • Coordinate and conduct test and trial plans, including Type Tests, FATs, HATs, and SATs
  • Participate in cross-functional engineering reviews and approvals, collaborating with project teams and suppliers
  • Monitor project progress and third-party performance, providing status reports and intervening as necessary
  • Collaborate with engineering departments to create comprehensive Testing & Integration plans
  • Provide technical support during production, tests, and trials, ensuring adherence to specifications and deadlines

Where you will work

This close client of ours is the leading Dutch developer and builder of marine defense systems. With a strong engineering and yard team, they are delivering world-class complex naval ships to navies around the world. In the current geopolitical climate, the organization is expanding significantly and providing excellent opportunities for professional growth.

  • New technologies galore: state-of-the-art naval technology, digital twinning, virtual reality, and more!
  • Well-established shipyard with a long-lasting track record, part of a global shipbuilding group
  • Excellent market outlook: order book filled way into the 2030s and still more projects expected
  • Cooperating with knowledgeable colleagues, learning and sharing insights

What you already have

  • A relevant technical bachelor's degree with experience in project management, manufacturing, and commissioning of complex naval ships
  • Experience managing subcontractors and integrating complex mechanical, electrical, and automation systems, which is crucial for coordinating multiple aspects of large-scale projects
  • Strong understanding of various engineering concepts and practices, enabling you to handle diverse technical challenges
  • Proficiency in software tools such as Office, SAP, IBM DOORS, 3DX, etc.
  • Big plus if you know Dutch, German, and English, both written and verbal
  • Permanent EU citizenship and passport, meeting the requirements for military-related projects, which is necessary for security and compliance reasons

Your benefits

  • 40 paid holidays per year for excellent work-life balance
  • Covered commuting and interviewing costs
  • Business Travel Insurance
  • Basic Dutch course, so you will understand the Dutch jokes during the coffee break
  • Access to social gatherings, lectures, and events, so you will meet like-minded friends within the Dutch Maritime Industry. We also offer you a 1-year membership of KNVTS, Royal Dutch Association of Marine Engineers.
  • Housing search support and registration supported by Van Storm 

Sounds interesting?

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