Hi, we are Van Storm!

We are specialists in recruitment and contracting for the Dutch maritime industry, with a clear focus on the yacht- and shipbuilding, offshore and maritime sectors.

Our Values


Teamwork lies at the heart of every one of us. Our structure, processes, and, most of all, our mindsets, are fully focused on cooperation.
Our combined individual strengths, knowledge, and experience help us with performing at our peak and collectively striving for the best solutions for both our candidates and our clients.


A strong belief in our set of values is the glue that holds us together.
We do as we say, we follow through on the promises we make, and we stick to our values even behind closed doors.
Communicating with honesty, guarding our ethical code, and treating everyone with respect are the reasons why the only surprises you will get with us will be pleasant ones.


In order to be the best recruiters we can be, we created a foundation for continuous improvement.
We persistently evaluate, challenge, and improve our knowledge and capabilities to achieve the best possible results.
By thinking in terms of opportunities rather than limitations, we always go the extra mile to meet and even exceed your expectations.

Human approach

People are the core of our business. Each process and procedure is designed with the utmost care and attention to the basic human needs: respect, feeling valued, and being cared for.
By being genuinely interested in your wishes, we are able to align our service and support with your personal circumstances.
We strongly believe that our enthusiasm and positive energy result in building long-lasting relationships that comprise the people-oriented Van Storm community.

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Important: Beware of Scams!
(Last Updated: October 2023)

It has come to our attention that scammers offer fake job opportunities through WhatsApp (mainly from non-Dutch numbers) using our name and logo.
If this happens, please check if this person works in Van Storm. If not, contact us and make sure you report that number in the WhatsApp settings. By taking these steps, you help protect others and block potential scammers.

Thank you!

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