Structural Engineer Heavy Lift

Job summary:

Tasks: design, analysis, and working procedures of offshore heavy lift structural components

Projects: heavy lift, installation & removals in offshore environments

Company: offshore fleet owner and operator

Main requirements: 3 years of experience in structural engineering in offshore/steel structures

Your opportunity

If you are passionate about structural engineering and want to work on innovative projects in the heavy lift/offshore environment, then this is a perfect opportunity for you! As a Structural Engineer, you will have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects and collaborate with a team creative and multidisciplinary mix of Heavy Lift Engineers, Structural Engineers, Naval Engineers, and Draftsmen. You will be busy with the hands-on design, analysis, and working procedures of offshore heavy lift structural components.

What you will do

  • Design and analyze steel structures for heavy lift/offshore applications
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams in engineering and execution for developing procedures for installation or removal aids
  • Prepare concept, basic, and detail engineering & simulations of structural components
  • Follow up on in-house fabrication and subcontracted work making sure quality and standards are met
  • Ensure compliance with applicable safety and regulatory standards of third-party design work & methods
  • Provide technical support to the offshore installation or removal work

Where you will work

Want to be part of the changing process of the global offshore industry? Our client has the proven leadership and vision to create previously inconceivable pipelaying, heavy lift, and deep-sea mining ships and systems. Redefining technological boundaries and achieving record-breaking feats persistently, this Dutch-based organization is often called a candy shop for engineers. You will be proud to work here!

  • Be part of a team that is constantly pushing the boundaries of offshore installation and heavy lift
  • Innovation, innovation, innovation!
  • Direct and open communication style, “get the job done”
  • Great project outlook: state-of-the-art fleet fully booked for next 3 years
  • Diverse, international teams working on global projects and developments
  • Do you want to be a leader? Do you want to break records? Well, here it is, waiting for you!

What you already have

  • 3 years of experience in the design and engineering of structural/heavy lift components
  • BSc. or MSc. degree in Structural, Mechanical, Civil Engineering or equivalent
  • Good working knowledge of structural engineering software (FEMAP, GeniE) is a plus!
  • Excellent communication skills and fluent English, so you can communicate efficiently with your multi-cultural team
  • You are willing and excited to travel offshore to oversee projects 

Your benefits

  • 30 paid holidays per year for an excellent work-life balance
  • Covered commuting and interviewing costs
  • Business Travel Insurance
  • Basic Dutch course, so you will understand the Dutch jokes during the coffee break
  • Access to social gatherings, lectures, and events, so you will meet like-minded friends within the Dutch Maritime Industry. We also offer you a 1-year membership of KNVTS, Royal Dutch Association of Marine Engineers.
  • Housing search support and registration supported by Van Storm

Sounds interesting?

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Good to see you here!

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