Propulsion Specialist Yacht Building


Dominika Sawa

Recruitment Partner Consultant at Van Storm

Job summary:

Tasks: being the go-to specialist on propulsion systems for mega yacht projects

Projects: custom-made mega yachts +80m

Company: engineering office with state-of-the-art building facilities

Main requirements: excellent knowledge of propulsion systems and experience in the shipyard environment

Your opportunity

As a Propulsion Specialist Yacht Building, you will be the go-to expert on propulsion systems within the Engineering Team of this renowned shipyard. You will support the Engineering Department and Project Teams throughout the entire engineering cycle and production process, providing essential technical input for design specifications, maker’s lists, cost analysis, planning, and risk assessment.

In this role, you will be responsible for the engineering of the propulsion system and, consequently, the engine room of mega yacht projects. This includes considering the required power of the engines based on the size and weight of the yacht, comfort requirements, and adherence to noise and environmental regulations in ports and protected natural areas.

You will handle the technical aspects of selecting and implementing these components, advising procurement, collaborating with Lead Engineers from various disciplines, and ensuring the process runs smoothly.

What you will do

  • Project Evaluation Implementation: Implementing the results of project evaluations to enhance system efficiency and performance.
  • Process Development: Developing processes in alignment with engineering and yard norms and standards to ensure consistency and quality.
  • Cost-Efficiency Focus: Proactively designing cost-saving solutions without compromising product quality.
  • Independent Project Execution: Independently managing projects to support the Engineering Manager, Proposal Engineer, and Purchasing team.
  • Technical Specification Provision: Collaborating with Lead Engineers to provide precise technical specifications for requests and orders.
  • Multidisciplinary Process Management: Overseeing and managing multidisciplinary technical processes to ensure seamless project integration and execution.

Where you will work

Dreaming of working for one of the top 3 mega yacht builders in the Netherlands? Then this is the opportunity for you!

Our client does not only build state-of-the-art luxury mega yachts but is also one of the oldest and most prominent shipyards in the Low Lands.

  • Combination of rich tradition and a modern approach
  • The finest quality & attention to detail
  • You will learn from the best professionals in the market
  • Engineering office together with shipyard facilities
  • Fast-growing department that requires to be sharp and flexible
  • International team of passionate & motivated colleagues 

What you already have

  • +5 years of experience in the technical role within the yacht building sector
  • Extensive knowledge of the propulsion systems, including the project and supplier evaluation process, as you will be the main propulsion systems expert
  • Flexible approach, as you will work in a fast-paced environment with many changes
  • Clear and empathetic communication, since you will be working across several departments and project teams
  • Result and quality-oriented, so you can apply the best cost-saving solutions without compromising the quality
  • Excellent communication skills and fluent English, so you can communicate efficiently with your multicultural team

Your benefits

  • 40 paid holidays per year for an excellent work-life balance
  • Covered commuting and interviewing costs
  • Business Travel Insurance, so you stay safe during your business travels
  • Basic Dutch course, so you will understand the Dutch jokes during the coffee break
  • Access to social gatherings, lectures, and events, so you will meet like-minded friends within the Dutch Maritime Industry. We also offer you a 1-year membership of KNVTS, Royal Dutch Association of Marine Engineers.
  • Housing search support and registration supported by Van Storm 

Sounds interesting?

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