Marine Supply Chain Specialist


Ewa Gernand

Recruitment Partner Consultant at Van Storm

Job summary:

Tasks: arranging transport, documentation and efficient logistics

Projects: special and heavy transport

Company: offshore ship owner & operator with a great track record for operating in harsh conditions

Main requirements: BSc. or MSc. degree in Transport and Logistics

Your opportunity

As a Marine Supply Chain Specialist, your role involves overseeing cost-effective and efficient logistics services, and managing the coordination of transportation and documentation from door to door.

What you will do

  • Initiate and formulate transport plans aligned with Execution Plans, contributing insights on Transport and Logistics for Procurement Plans.
  • Collaborate with Engineering for specialized or heavy transports, including the verification of grillage and seafastening, and the development of stow plans.
  • Provide realistic budgets for transport costs, shipping schedules, and available shipping options for tenders, assets, or projects.
  • Organize, coordinate, and manage logistics transports, demonstrating expertise in Chartering Heavy Lift Vessels, break bulk, Container liner traffic, Air and road Freight. This includes handling logistics documentation, obtaining tender board approvals, placing transport orders with forwarding companies, and reporting any deficiencies.
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date requisition requirements.
  • Evaluate, qualify, and appraise logistics service providers, subcontractors, vendors, and agents.
  • Develop logistics processes in collaboration with transporters.
  • Select, contract, and oversee transportation companies.
  • Monitor the logistics safety performance of contractors.
  • Ensure transportation adheres to safety terms.
  • Verify and approve invoices.
  • Familiarize yourself with the import regulations of destination countries.
  • Act as a representative while dealing with logistics providers.

Where you will work

With this trusted client in the Amsterdam area, we have a long-lasting relationship. It is a privately owned company that delivers floating energy solutions and complex mooring equipment to the global oil & gas and renewables industries. Besides having proven capabilities in engineering and developing installations for harsh offshore conditions, they own and operate their fleet of FPSOs. A welcoming organization in which people with the right pro-active attitude will get opportunities to proof themselves and grow.   

  • Challenging engineering environment, particularly in developing equipment for extreme offshore conditions
  •  Organization with a cooperative mindset and open communication style, which allows for professional progress
  • Drive for new technologies in floating sustainable energy solutions
  • For the size of the projects, a relatively small multi-disciplinary engineering team, with a focus on conceptual and basic design
  • Combining in one close-knit company: EPCI contractor and offshore fleet-owner-operator

What you already have

  • 3+ years of experience in transport and logistics within the offshore/ oil&gas sector
  • BSc. or MSc. in Transport and Logistics
  • Familiar with Incoterms
  • Great communication in English and negotiation skills
  • You enjoy working in fast-paced & high-tech environments in the O&G industry

Your benefits

  • 30 paid holidays per year for an excellent work-life balance
  • Covered commuting and interviewing costs
  • Business Travel Insurance
  • Basic Dutch course, so you will understand the Dutch jokes during the coffee break
  • Access to social gatherings, lectures, and events, so you will meet like-minded friends within the Dutch Maritime Industry. We also offer you a 1-year membership of KNVTS, Royal Dutch Association of Marine Engineers.
  • Housing search support and registration are supported by Van Storm

Sounds interesting?

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